Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Psalm 84

Year B - Pentecost +13 or Energy to Witness 13
August 26, 2015

Trusting in G*D is much more than one claim or another that our interpretation of G*D is the best for another person or element of creation. Partnership with G*D entails being partnered with all G*D is partnered with and that includes partnerships with others that are based on different criteria than the those that connect us with G*D.

Yes, while everything is going swimmingly, we easily come forth with praise and affirmations that even a sparrow or foreigner/immigrant finds a home here.

And then comes trouble when the very folks we have welcomed as citizens begin to “presume”. It doesn’t take long for us to become sensitized to any slight of our always being due a slight preference in the dividing up of a common good.

This is the song of disciples of Jesus before they learn what it costs to live upright in a developed system that is aslant to many. This is Peter’s affirmation after some took affront at Jesus’ teaching and left the ranks of disciples. This is our own prosperity gospeleer affirmation trying to talk G*D into privileging us.

Do celebrate the Psalm when it is true in its widest setting. Question this Psalm when its context is reduced and it really is not true about a lowly sparrow finding a home but, at best, a handout.

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