Wednesday, December 23, 2015

1 Samuel 2:18-20, 26

Year C - Christmas 1 or Blessed Body 1
December 27, 2015

This piece has been carved up to be able to connect an earlier Hebrew boy (Samuel) who grew in favor with G*D with a later Hebrew boy (Jesus) who grew in favor with G*D. If we stay with this selective process we might even get to the point where we can see about connecting today’s child (you/me) with growing in favor with G*D.

Favor here is directly linked to wisdom. As you proceed into and through your current stage of faith, may you map out the ways in which you are growing wiser. How does that manifest itself today. Have you practiced your forgiveness of others, self, and G*D today? Have you stretched your compassion a bit wider and exercised it a bit more so it becomes both more flexible and stronger? Have you set goals for yourself that by the end of each Sunday for the next quarter you will have recorded daily data that your fear-quotient has been reduced. Less fear leads directly to more compassion.

So, take a quiet breath and stand just a bit straighter as you ground your feet more firmly and lift your head higher that all between might relax into new energy. Wisdom is already available, we just need to make room and take advantage of being lost to ourselves and others.

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