Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Luke 2-41-52

Year C - Christmas 1 or Blessed Body 1
December 27, 2015

From an opaque birth to pre-teen in one swift jump. It is worth remembering your own journey from birth to 12 years old. Draw it out on a sheet of paper. Yes, actually on paper, not just in your head!

Is this when you began asking life questions? If not, when did that time arrive for you? 

Note that Jesus is reported to have amazed folks at 12 and then the passage ends with him increasing in wisdom through his remaining years. It is all too easy to be satisfied with what we currently know. The key here is not any particular insight that you have come to, but that you continue open for more so you, too, can increase in wisdom beyond knowledge or data.

If you want to play more in the middle of this story, you might want to further investigate the transition from Jesus being lauded by the teachers of the Law and Mary’s response: “Why have you treated us in such a way that our anxieties pushed beyond their usual limits?” It is so easy to constrict the development of wisdom in others we are close to. Was this response something Mary treasured/pondered in days to come? What are you treasuring/pondering these days about the way you have poorly communicated your care for someone you care about? Not being able to take those words back, how have you used that time to grow in your own wisdom about repenting and establishing new habits through which you can respond differently to anxiety?

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