Saturday, December 26, 2015

Psalm 148

Year C - Christmas 1 or Blessed Body 1
December 27, 2015

Is imitation a high form of praise?

If this comes fairly close, you might want to being translating every occurrence of “praise” with the word “imitate” and see what happens in your life as you do this for a magical 21 days. At that point that which has been imitated sets in as being what was previous only imitated. We move from mirroring to partnering.

In this particular the Psalm moves from imitation to being:
(v. 1) Imitate G*D! 
(v. 14) ...G*D-being for all....
Imagine doing this imitating through 12 years of life-stages. Is it any surprise that a reflecting back and partnering come to the fore?

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