Wednesday, December 23, 2015

John 1-14

Year C - Christmas Day or Blessed Body
December 25, 2015

In the beginning was a Word, a significance, and that Word was as ethereal as G*D. This Word includes You and so You were in the beginning with G*D. All things come into being through You, and without You the Mercy of G*D is delayed. What has come into being in You is Mercy, a light to all You touch.

So what light shines and lingers in the darkness because of You? Can you substitute your Name for the name of John in this passage? Why or Why Not?

Can you then remove yourself from your humility that the Word that is yours to speak forth to add to the en=lightenmet of the world (not just to encase the light, but enlarge it)?

Your glory as a beloved child, a Word of G*D, begins with grace and truth and leads to mercy. Blessings on this journey, your journey.

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