Monday, December 28, 2015

John 1:10-18

Year C - Christmas 2 or Blessed Body 2
January 3, 2015

You are in the world! As such you are shaping the current world to become/receive a future world.

Your influence cannot be denied, even though we tend to deny it. [Exceptions can be made regarding those who deny their influence, but most folks are not being intentional about their influence and actual power.]

It is our experience in attempting to open the world to a next opportunity that this behavior is not well received. In fact it is not unusual for those closest to us to be our biggest discouragers. They know very well where our buttons are that will pull us back into line. Being the pleasers we are, second-guessing our self comes easily.

Nonetheless, a larger Word is among us, a Word opening us to living as though a better tomorrow were already present. That Word is yours to live, and mine, and ours. From the fullness of this Word, grace upon grace flows forth and multiplies as it encounters a Word from within another.

This passage is certainly as much about you as it is about Jesus. While that is easy to affirm about someone else (who is your favorite mentor, sage, saint these days?), it is more difficult to affirm about oneself. Since this is another Christmas season, you may want to remember a new birth is always taking place within you and not just someone else. As a beloved child of G*D you are as close as anyone to G*D’s heart and can make that known.

Whether received or not, continue being born.

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