Monday, March 19, 2007

Fifth Sunday in Lent – B

Fifth Sunday in Lent – B

Years B
Jeremiah 31:31-34
Psalm 51:1-12 or 119:9-16
Hebrews 5:5-10
John 12:20-33

G*D: "I have glorified, I will glorify; I have been who I have been, I will be who I will be." And so the bookends are in place.

Self: "I am beloved." And so the content is in place.

Now comes the living with new covenants, steadfast love, abundant mercy, clean hearts, joyful salvation, and a willing spirit. Thrown into these qualities that open us to an expansive future are those elements that narrow us down: strayless commandments, sinless statutes, reverent submission (with cries and tears), and learned obedience.

As we go along there will be requests to take folks to Jesus. What will you show these inquiring hearts and minds first, second, third, finally? Will you start with something from the expanding list or the narrowing list, and why? Will it depend on the nature of the searcher and begin with where they are (if looking for more, start with the expansive), or begin with where they are not (if looking for more, start with the narrower)? Both have their appeal and effectiveness, but they are probably both equally incapable of being turned into a technology to be applied universally.

Will you start with where you are instead of where the questioner is? Here the questions of application may be even more difficult.

Finally, will any of this impact the kind of life you are going to live (which may have an impact on what kind of death you will have)?

= = = = = = =

someone is coming to dinner
they wish to see what makes me tick
that of course cannot be seen
it must be planted and replanted
grow unseen and burst dark bonds
a fruit here and there and everywhere
may yet appear in miracle and mystery

fed and encouraged
some choose to dive
into the dark
of a miracle self
invested as fallow seed
until tears of pain
waken it to bloom

a bloom of thunder
echoing from the past
awakening a future
with morning glories
twining upward
drawing beauty with them
here today gone tonight

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