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Second Sunday in Lent – C3

Second Sunday in Lent – C3

Years C
Philippians 3:17 - 4:1

"Join in imitating me" imitating Christ, is one way to put it. Another way of translating would have it, "Become co-imitators with me of Christ." More to the point is The Message, "Stick with me, friends." This reminds us of the communal nature of heaven and Jesus in a clearer fashion than the mechanistic imitation language.

Of specific interest is the language of transformation. Paul talks of being an example. The Greek suggests an example is something that has been struck as a figure formed by a blow or impression. Remembering Paul's being struck by light on a road to Damascus and the talk of suffering and humiliation being changed into glory, there may be an appeal here for each of us to honor our own transformational moments. This is our similarity - we are imitating the belovedness of Jesus.

This is far different than some assent of belief couched in a specific set of words or actions. It is this transformation of being struck by an assurance of being beloved that turns an enemy of Christ into a friend. How are you doing at imitating this internal reality that will be unique to you and yet held in common by all?

= = = = = = =

cheap imitations
of grace, of art
are cheap through and through

core-deep imitations
of glory, of friendship
are integral to integrity

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