Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fourth Sunday in Lent – C1

Fourth Sunday in Lent – C1

Years C
Joshua 5:9-12

Here I am working out of ignorance. What is the Passover tradition during the Exodus? Do we go from Egypt to the plains of Jericho without Passover? Can quail, manna, and sand substitute for lamb, unleavened bread, and bitter herbs? Given the importance of Passover in the Jewish tradition are there equivalent periods without Christmas, Good Friday, or Easter in the Christian tradition? What about Coke (r) and Twinkies (r) for bread and wine? Are rituals dependent upon the congregants, if not the priests, so injustice trumps correct kosher, as the prophets claim?

I'm not even sure what to make of the questions? Do they go the heart of something or are they entirely beside any point?

In most other arenas I speculate more freely with a modicum of supposed information. Here, without a base to build from, I am stymied.

Time to ask. Anyone have any info? And, will I believe it if I hear it?

In the meantime a look could be taken at circumcision or the restart of Passover observances. But right now I'm too fixated on the Exodus/Passover question. If we paid attention we may even find that our various fixations on supposedly better known pieces of information leads us to equally stuck places. From a point of either too little or too much information we do not find a fruitful place for midrash.

= = = = = = =

dear g*d help
my unbelief
my disbelief
my ignorance
my surety

and in helping
leave room
for all the above

to gather
new life

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