Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Third Sunday in Lent – C2

Third Sunday in Lent – C2

Years C
Psalm 63:1-8

A soul thirstily waits, like a fig tree in need of watering and fertilizing. There is no fruit or expectation of fruit. It is unable to break through a dark night on its own.

Whence water? manure (sh*t for those who have filters on their email or search engine)? that will lead a soul to bless them both. W*t*r & Sh*t - a rich feast indeed.

So which is which in your life and are you able to be thankful for both as sources of growth. (Yes, it is possible to have too much of these good things, but for the moment imagine them in appropriate amounts.)

= = = = = = =

it is so easy to get confused about our needs
in dark nights we lose track of whether
water is our need or something stronger
for everything feels like drought
everything feels like emptiness

we can try to avoid the feelings
and investigate some inconvenient truths
how our context is toxic
our insides betray themselves
and what's the use of going on

but always, night and noon, we return
feelings for some trump their facts
and others find it the other way 'round
until there is no avoiding behind both
a steadfast love - our miracle-gro (r)

so we set about to standardize our feelings
to regularize all facts - former and future
we register our love and sell it drop by drop
until even in days of light we are confused
and we cling to any loose track

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