Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Fourth Sunday in Lent – C2

Fourth Sunday in Lent – C2

Years C
Psalm 32

From The New Interpreter's Study Bible: "The double blessing that opens the psalm (Heb. 'ashre, vv. 1-2) results specifically from breaking silence with God, confession and forgiveness (vv. 1-5)." This double blessing is linguistically connected with making progress in a forward direction. It's as if we can now proceed, where before we were blocked.

A blockage by silence shows how powerful that technique is. To get the silent treatment is a deadly proposition. To speak together again - here or after apple-eating time or whenever - opens us to joy.

Try playing with placement of verses 8-9. Would it make a difference for you if the Psalm began with these lines? The context then is G*D's intentional involvement in lives with either easy or difficult presence. Out of this come the blessings that follow (an eventual response to steadfast presence/love).

What if it were at the end (moving 10-11 up to follow 7)? Here we would again follow the ancient wisdom that all manner of things shall be well again.

Do you like it where it is? - a sequence of personal revelation, G*D self revelation, congregational exhortation to move ahead as per blessing at the beginning.

= = = = = = =

breaking wind is old phraseology
bringing healing laughter
wind is also spirit and word
breaking silence is old healing
a spirit word set loose
to laugh where it will

listen for wind
listen to word
listen in spirit
listen with laughter
listen toward blessing
listen from experience

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