Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Palm/Passion Sunday – C1

Palm/Passion Sunday – C1

Years C
Palm Sunday
Psalm 118:1-2, 19-29

Palms: Steadfast Love - Forever!

Image living stones. Life built upon life into an edifice surrounding righteousness.

In so building, some life-stone didn't quite mesh with others. The result was chinks in the armor of the wall protecting righteousness. Righteousness leaked.

Of course, to best defend Righteousness and husband it for another day, leakage was not acceptable to the Protectors of Righteousness. When it came to a choice of leaving an unmeshed life-stone in place or replacing it with one that would better protect this most valuable of resources, the unmeshed gets pushed outward, falling to the ground.

Picking itself up our little life-stone moseys around to the gate, proclaiming, "Open to me the gates, that I may come in and give thanks."

One might imagine the gate wondering what in the world this little life-stone would have to be thankful for. For not meshing? For being a leaker of Righteousness?

Presumably, wonder got the better of the gate and open it did.

Whereupon, the little life-stone announces that only Righteousness comes in through the gate, she had come in, therefore even a little, leaky life-stone is Righteous. This syllogism (rightly or wrongly) caught their ear and became for them a new understanding of Righteousness shared.

Eventually they rebuilt with the little, unmeshable life-stone at a corner and Rightousness has shone in both directions through every nook and cranny of its walls and gates ever since.

May you leak Righteousness as did little, life-stone Jesus.

= = = = = = =

steadfast love
endures forever
even better
expands now
expansively encompassing
rejected lovers

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