Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Acts 9:36-43

Easter 4 - Year C

Acts 9:36-43

Peter, tell us how you raised Tabitha to again run and leap among us?

I've prayed for those I care about to be raised up that my loneliness for them be assuaged. How come my prayer didn't work and your's did?

Well, let's back up a bit, how did folks know to go and get Peter? Was it to join them in mourning and then Peter pulled this fast one of raising Dorcas? Was it to do exactly what he did just down the road, betting his raising up of Aeneas could be moved up a notch from a situation of paralysis to that of death? I suspect that Peter wasn't called to use the saintly gazelle's death and resurrection as a means to increase the number of believers at Joppa - though church growth techniques have been around for quite awhile and promising resuscitation would be a good one.

Lazarus, come forth; Tabitha, get up. These phrases see beyond the present circumstance. As you look at the congregation or country of which you are a part, what equally succinct phrase would you employ? Friendly UMC, stop bickering; Legislative leaders, help the poor; UU Fellowship, start dancing; ____________, ______________.

How would you use this formula with a friend, neighbor, enemy? What can you see available and coming that would lead you to be this bold today?

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