Monday, April 26, 2010

John 13:1-35

Easter 5 - Year C

John 13:1-35

Washed by Jesus and still unclean.

Jesus' actions are not unilateral. Jesus is constrained.
G*D's actions are not unilateral. G*D is constrained.
My actions are not unilateral. I am constrained.
Your actions are not unilateral. You are constrained.
Our actions are not unilateral. We are constrained.

It appears that not only are servants not greater than their master, but the master is not greater than the servants. Both servants and masters are not unilateral. Both are constrained.

Where G*D is received, creation is also received.
Where Jesus is received, G*D is also received.
Where I am received, Jesus is also received.
Where you are received, I am also received.
Where we are received, all are also received.

It appears that we find our identity in our varying relationships. Each of our varying relationships with every other part of our life is based on having love for one another, recognizing and receiving each other's belovedness.

Washed and still unclean, but washed none-the-less. Washed and still containing every opportunity to express our having been loved.

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