Friday, April 30, 2010

Psalm 148

Easter 5 - Year C

Psalm 148

There are two different praise rationales here. First for the grand immensities that stand as contexts for each passing fancy – height, host, stars, beyond heaven. These praise for G*D commanded their presence and creation occurred.

We find ourselves within the second level of praise, along with monsters, fickle weather, trees, creepy things, flighty things, young and old together. Here praise is for the exalted glory above them, not for themselves alone, regardless of their yellow hair.

All have been watered from above heaven and yet there are choices to be made regarding praise. Will they or won’t they? Will you or won’t you? If we are feeling favored in the moment we are likely to praise. If, for whatever reason, we are unaware or dismissive of our intimacy with having a moment in which to shine (perhaps not content with a moment when the first group has a sense of forever about them) then we praise not.

Do you buy this bi-level praise platform. How would you rephrase things?

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