Monday, April 05, 2010

John 20:19-31

Easter 2 - Year C

John 20:19-31

In this passage, fear of "Them" is stronger than "fear" of the Lord. So it is we hide ourselves from others and self.

Peace, as an antidote to fear, is not etherial calm or green pastures. Peace is active. Here it is sender and sendee (learn strategy and tactics). Here it is forgiven and forgiving (learn premeditated mercy). Here it is patient (learn the three keys to peace - experience, experience, experience that sets a larger context). Here it is belief present and future (not creedal belief, but abundant life belief).

Try this sermon on for size Called as Peacemakers.

Since this is also Holy Humor Sunday for some, peace is a perspective that brings laughter, from a chuckle to a belly-laugh. Now we can see ourselves hiding away, what lovable, old sillies. We can see "They" are not the issue, "we" are - how could we have missed that? One way we missed it is our own propensity to substitute mammon for mystical metaphor - see cartoon.

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