Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Psalm 23

Easter 4 - Year C

Psalm 23

This Psalm is so universal that it can't be pinned down to a particular time and place of origin. Among other things, it is an Exodus celebration of relief from oppression. So great is the surprise of liberation that it can only be seen in terms of some grand plan, some leader of who did for us what we could not do, would not risk for ourselves.

Once this great shepherd appeared, we sheep had it good and what else could be expected from us than we would project this to continue on for many long years. Of course that would mean staying sheep instead of growing into autonomous and interdependent humans.

Hail Intervenor!
I move from nothing to everything.
In place of never-ending work, there is an extended vacation;
The sweat of our brow has become the nectar of the gods;
We move from head-bowed despair to hope-striding;
Each step in a trackless desert draws nearer to an oasis.
Honor Intervenor!
Though deep dark nightmares of the past come in their season
Their harm has been defanged -
I awake cuddled in Holy Intervenor arms,
Left and right arms comfort.
We get up for warm milk in the face of fears for the future;
Cocoa powder abounds
Hot chocolate for the soul is powerfully abundant.
I have been pursued by evil and now by goodness and love
Filling my days, shaping my days,
Transforming humble tents into temples
For many, many years.

Whatever your slavery or death, an exodus is always surprising. Surprising as Jesus playing an ambiguous game different than those who want specifics; surprising as Tabitha getting up from her bier. Surprising as your experience of exodus, no matter how mundane it might be.

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