Friday, April 30, 2010

Use of this material

I have spent the last three days on retreat without web or cell phone contact - Thus four messages in a row today.

A significant portion of my time was spent taking a look at other ways in which to present nearly a decade of lectionary postings. They are not done in everyone's preferred receiving style (i.e., rather idiosyncratic, eccentric or batty) and so the question of whether there is another presentation form is particularly tricky. As an experiment I drafted an introduction to this form of reflection and organized three-quarters of my accumulated comments on the lections in Genesis. Now I need to reflect on what came forth to see:
- if this start is worth continuing
- simply to leave things here in the chronological format of a blog
- use them as source material for a more unified comment per lection
- turn it into a book or a website
- etc.

If you have any ideas about other ways of presenting this material, I covet such insight. What would make this resource more helpful to you? You can leave a reply here or send me an email at

Wesley White

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