Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas Day - Year A

The light of a sign continues to radiate. Neither time nor distance dims its packets of waves. Our time and space asks of us to be conscious of a ray of light and a willingness to point it out, to pass it on.

A light here, a light there. Pretty soon all are enlightened. Children of G*D here, children of G*D there. Pretty soon our common experience of grace and truth opens us to one another. Everyone sees G*D and Neighbor (one does not stand alone). We all become everyday children of G*D and Neighbors of one another.

May the people who have received Jesus rejoice in their reception and equally rejoice with those who have received other signs of G*D. Every child of G*D shines glory on creation, becomes a Light unto the nations. Thank you for releasing your light.

May this day of rejoicing in Jesus soon be a day of rejoicing, period.

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