Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Isaiah 7:10-17

Advent 4 - Year A

We aren’t often asked to name our sign from G*D. I expect each of us would have a difficult time coming up with something and so be tempted to turn it back to G*D, “Go ahead, G*D show us what you want to show us.” A lack of taking responsibility for our part of an interconnectivity with G*D is Eden-long.

So, what does G*D show? A baby, conceived and born the ordinary way, with a strange name, diet, and eventual ability to choose.

What do we get hung up on? A baby’s genetics (read up on parthenogenesis).

What do we miss? A perspective naming an expected and desired relationship - G*D with Me, with Us. A turning everything into a feast of metaphoric milk and honey. A remembrance of walking in the cool of the evening with G*D.

Who is the young woman bearing G*D’s sign? You.
Who is the baby related to G*D? You.
Who participates in a promised paradise filled with milk and honey? You.
Who walks and talks with the Common Good? You.

If you don’t recognize yourself in this description, odds are you are as close to a fall as was Ahaz.

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