Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Isaiah 35:1-10

Advent 3 - Year A
Fear closes eyes as well as hearts.
When fearful we need to encourage one another to open our eyes even when know we will find our fears confirmed - there is a lot of really nasty stuff out there.
We will also find that the nasty stuff is not a last word. It is still possible to choose. We can choose to open our eyes and that's worth rejoicing over, even if what we see is still bad news.
Intentionally opening our eyes, we may also glimpse transformation going on all around us. Perhaps not large steps, but transformation, nonetheless. Not only can fearful people open their eyes, but folks who have felt helpless find they can stand straight and strong and tall and by such say a clear and firm, "No", to evil. Those who are able to speak their "No" will also find the words and music to sing a larger "Yes" to good.
Believe it or not, fear is catching. When we are fearful the world around us is fearful - streams dry up, storms increase, and the surface shakes. Fortunately, opening eyes is also catching.
Mostly, though, with eyes open we can see a next step where before we were stumbling in the dark. This next step is a Holy Step. Even if we can't see further than one step, it is enough.
Advent is a time of practicing opening our fearful eyes and taking a next Holy Step.

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