Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hebrews 2:10-18

Christmas 1 - Year A

The weakest person you meet today is still your long-lost sister or brother.

As their sibling, be not ashamed to proclaim wonders that they might overhear and put their life in a larger context. You will be proclaiming mysterious things such as death doing away with death-dealers and thus freeing those enslaved by fear of death.

You’ve been tested and sometimes come through. This is the authority you have to proclaim new life to someone who has had a test they didn’t altogether pass. To proclaim past our experience is to get into the tricky area of saying more than we know, having our praise become mere words and formulas. So stick with reality.

It may help to remember some of the tests Jesus faced - birthed in a no-account place by ordinary folk; being a refugee from persecution and knowing that innocent others  were killed while he got away; growing up oblivious of the turmoil he caused by not traveling with the family; being in another no-account place for years of silent growth; hearing he is beloved and not letting it go to his head during some temptations; etc., etc. What tests have you faced? This is the grounding we need to be an evangelist.

Today, while rejoicing over yesterday’s defeat of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and health benefits for 9/11 responders we can’t forget the children of immigrants, allied with those from Ramah, denied a reasonable path to citizenship.

G*D, Jesus, Spirit, Church, you, me - are to help our long-lost sisters and brother. To work together is a position of hope and power. Through your testing experiences you have learned to be a merciful and faithful high priest in the service of G*D. With this learning under our belt, we have only the small matter of implementation. Go ahead, be not ashamed of your long-lost sister or brother or whole clan, express G*D’s mercy.

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