Monday, December 13, 2010

Matthew 1:18-25

Advent 4 - Year A

Last chance to prepare for a surprise greater than a great surprise 2,000+ years ago. If we are just getting ready to reenact a past surprise, don’t be surprised if we are not only not surprised but more jaded than before.

Question before us: What will it take for you to birth G*D in and through you?

Too much emphasis has been placed upon some creedal theory of virginity. Where we missed the boat was trying to get a compelling symbol put in place. Whether you take the Isaiah quote as being about any young girl giving birth or a virgin doing so, the deal is not that of virginity. What is crucial is the ordinariness of any girl or the absolute surprise of G*D working directly through a single lowly virgin.

You, of course, could fit either of these categories - simply ordinary and simply surprising.

So, pay attention to your dreams this week. You may catch where your ordinariness will be just what is needed to shift a world’s perception. May you acknowledge how surprising your life really is and begin to play to that.

May your dreams reveal to you that you are with child, pregnant with possibility that is quite ordinary and equally surprising. There is actually much power to simply be who you are, an ordinary surprise ready to be sprung on an unsuspecting public. Imagine, acting on a sense that G*D is with you will surprise the rest of us to acknowledge G*D is with us, too. 

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