Thursday, December 09, 2010

James 5:7-10

Advent 3 - Year A

Want to practice strengthening your heart? Don’t grumble. Holding back a grumble is a good isometric exercise.

Want to be ready for a better tomorrow to arrive today? Be prophetic about values having particular outcomes (you can’t talk a good game and not play it and then expect your pious words to have more power than your questionable action). Prophesying can’t be done without a cogent critique of today and how we got here in dynamic tension with a stronger evocation of a preferred future.

So, exhibit some patience toward yourself as you have patience with one another. When you skip a day and let a grumble pass without it exercising you or you fall back into securing life by means of current resources, simply recognize it and get back on the wagon.

So, know, also, that suffering is part of heart-strengthening. To cross the threshold of tomorrow, today, takes a quantum leap of energy and that some of that energy is generated from suffering as well as from vision.

Still the Advent question comes - for what are you preparing the way?

Are you willing to give up a correct and self-evident answer for a right relationship?

Are you willing to stick your neck out on behalf of others and tomorrow?

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