Thursday, January 09, 2014

Ephesians 3:1-12

Year A - Epiphany - Guiding Gift
January 6, 2014

The commission of passing on G*D’s grace is an important task.

To fulfill it takes a discerning eye. A sign is sighted indicating where hope is needed. Provisions for travel and a gift to be given are laid in. These acts take time and resources. We must be in the presence of another who is to receive our recognition and gift. When push comes to shove we have to actually let go of the gift we bring for it to truly be a gift. To hold strings that gold or grace must be used according to the givers direction directly negates the gift as gift.

When we have given our gift, we need to further act to protect the one who received the gift that they might grow into the gift, make it their own, and live/share it in their own way.

Being commissioned to gift, whether myrrh or mercy, is no easy commission with a rulebook for how to carry out your commission. We are either confident in our commission and able to freely give, or we are insecure and look around for the safest route.

May you implement your commission to gift frankincense and fairness.

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