Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Isaiah 9:1-4

Year A - Epiphany 3 or Guiding Gift3
January 26, 2014

There is a word of hope, someday, of no gloom for the anguished. At such a time a light will shine. There will be great gloating as though dividing the spoils of a stolen treasure. When captivity is released all bets and rules are off.

That is one way to read this text of the day.

What might be a teaching of good news, in captivity and out? Does a curing/healing of every disease include the disease of revenge and recompense?

Imagine if the transition from anguish to rejoicing were not a sharp one, but simply a gradual increase of “light”. This either gloom or brightness pairing is one way to try to arrive at consciousness. To know different states is to be able to reflect on them and make decisions about a next step; what direction to head in.

If we don’t lose track of our “light”, even in a dark night of self or soul, we remain open for learning that doesn’t have to overcompensate for the darkness of a previous stage of life. With a growing light we are able to reflect on how far we have come, the reality of our present (including its limits), and that intriguing path over there that beckons us to a new vantage point.

Imagine: there is no gloom now for those who begin to learn and proclaim and learn some more.

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