Monday, January 13, 2014

John 1:29-42

Year A - Epiphany 2 or Guiding Gift2
January 19, 2014

So what would you do/say if you saw Jesus coming toward you?

We hear John’s response to that scenario. What say you? Would you take the Matthew story of Jesus’ baptism where he was the primary or only viewer of a descending spirit and incorporate yourself into the story as Baptizer John did? In some other way would you claim to be part of a Jesus story?

What about another day when Jesus is not coming toward you? Would you simply point him out rather than calling out to him? Would you be surprised if such a pointing out would lead others away from you or that you would lose one power/authority or another?

It is easiest to focus on Andrew and friend. And with these two it is easiest to focus on Andrew and Simon. (Whatever do you imagine happened to the other of John’s disciples?) Did he (“he”—remember the patriarchal nature of disciples) not see what Andrew saw and return to John? Did he give up on all holy teachers? Did he become a silent and safe follower?

This story wants to push us toward Peter. Can you stop it with the John monologue and wonder about your own response if you were to see Jesus coming toward you? Again, what would be your response?

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