Friday, January 24, 2014

we are left

Year A - Epiphany 3 or Guiding Gift3
January 26, 2014

     we are left

there is no covenant
made eternal in the heavens
that shapes our present or
revisions our past
only a steadfast love
through ages and stages
of current decisions
wrestled in time
season and locus

to have it else
requires a creedal response
imposed past its prime
a procrustean bed
to shape all comers
into what they are not now
nor ever will be
never denying a stoop of age
a straightened spine

to love what is
without selecting
parts from the past
hopes for a future
conversing consulting
conferencing contending
delving deep within
widening engagements
to love what is

before a conception
through gestation
facing a stillbirth
just because or because
in crowning or casket
now and ever now again
unexplainably hurtful
unexpectedly kind
we see through mercy

a mercy premeditated
bone deep and tender skinned
unlimited by experience
and finding such over and over
there is and is and is not
a limit by our worst
a possibility of our best
unconstrained by death
uncelebrated by resurrection

we covenant
to not covenant away
steadfast love
to engage to grow
past our past
beyond our future
a still small voice
gracious in welcome
gentle in parting

and so
ipso facto
we dare soften our gaze
both the inward and outward
to see again what we forgot before
our past brought us here but can't carry forward
our intentions await a decisional power of will and way
we are left with nothing to call upon than to live present love

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