Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Isaiah 49:1-7

Year A - Epiphany 2 or Guiding Gift2
January 19, 2014


Before I was born, I had meaning.

Since being born this meaning has been questioned and squashed and redefined. It has been an exercise in vanity, in futility. And yet, a sense of meaning flickers.

And in this confliction, I am called to recognize the meaning of the exiled, the lost. I am to claim them for themselves, that honor might be shared, even before I am able to claim myself.

In this work of bringing meaning when it is so dark to myself, my task grows from another to all. Every jot and tittle has meaning. Conception and egg and sperm have meaning. Before their activation and proximity they had meaning. And before that. And before that.

In expanding my work it circles back and my own meaning again rises.

What is not able to be healed when our meaning is set free of meaning? Naught.


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