Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Psalm 29

Year A - Baptism of “the Lord” - Beloved
January 12, 2014

Glory can not only Thunder, but whisper. Depending on which Gospel story you read the glory of “Beloved” is explicit and loud or intuited and quiet. Depending on what stage of life or mood we are in, we could use a dose of “Beloved” to rattle our bones or comfort our fears.

Likewise with Fire and Pentecost. Each of our moments of glory has a loud and soft component to it. We can talk about some of it and other aspects need the respect of silence.

So, enthroned? Yes. But, common and everyday? Yes. When we can be able to receive and give both the loud and the soft, peace becomes more possible. Peace is not just one thing, it is a dynamic that takes out of tomorrow’s treasure chest that which is better than today and begins to enact it in the present. This kind of peace lights a way into tomorrow through a gateway of today.

Folks in Bethlehem and Jerusalem were too close. They needed angels and magi from afar to reveal what was already present. Folks today are too close to have a “yearning for learning, a reaching for teaching” (life is too loud). We still need a mystical philosophy (quiet questions that reorient, such as that from Abarbanel.

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