Thursday, December 25, 2014

Hebrews 1:1-4, (5-12)

Year B - Christmas Day or Blessed Body
December 25, 2014

Jesus tells a story about Abraham and Lazarus wherein a “rich man” asks that his brother’s be warned about lacking in mercy/compassion for the poor. The upshot was that they wouldn’t listen to someone who was raised from the dead any more than they currently listen to prophets from the past.

Now it must be asked why we might think that we might better hear the speaking of some “Son” claimed to be closer to G*D than angels and in charge of all things.

This sort of affirmation may comfort the choir, but the inherent hierarchy in anointing one over all others is more likely to be a source of competition than compassion and division rather than mercy. This sort of material causes us to stop thinking rather than engaging it, critiquing it, and modeling what was intended to be said about community rather than what was jotted down so long ago. This rhetoric is counter to Christmas and may be why I haven’t jotted about it until much later in the day (I couldn’t do it for the Titus passage assigned to last night).

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