Monday, December 22, 2014

Luke 2:22-40

Year B - Christmas 1 or Blessed Body 1
December 28, 2014

Every religion has laws. What is usually forgotten is that they have had many laws they no longer attend to. What we know as church law is usually that which has taken place in our lifetime and we really don’t quite know where it came from other than it is supposed to be authoritative for us. The choice of which law we are going to follow is much broader than usually acknowledged.

Here the law is not the main focus. It is only a setting for a tale of a “new law” taking shape in our midst that will make future generations forget the laws we are now following.

The story of recognizing a new law coming to us in its infancy is a story that has been repeated down through the ages and forgotten as quickly as it arises for it is always a story the establishment and its current laws doesn’t want to hear. We are fortunate to have this and other stories of insight available to us. Whether it is Archimedes’ “Eureka” or Simeon’s “I have seen a light for revelation” or Anna’s “child of loosening our captivity”, we rejoice that we can see something new coming forward.

The corollary is that others are seeing something new coming forth from us that we have no sense of. 

Now, Christmas begins to make more of a difference when we see it as a seeing in each other more of the light arising in our midst. Imagine “loosening the captivity or spell” we have been under that keeps us from moving from an obviously less than helpful construct into more of what might be terms “G*D’s Freedom” (not “kingdom”). This loosening is what is meant by “redemption” and we can encourage others and be encouraged, our self, to actually participate in this loosening. Where will the gift that is you be set free, be loosed? Look out world and be ready to be sacrificed upon an altar of gold—Christmas has come.

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