Monday, December 22, 2014

John 1:1-14

Year B - Christmas Day or Blessed Body
December 25, 2014

We get to where we are as a result or consequence of such a long string of events and decisions that we sometimes get caught in the mystery of pre-eternity (everything from as far back as we can imagine up to this moment).

If you were to enter your Wayback Machine (WABAC an undesignated acronym known only to Mr. Peabody and in a recent movie designated as a Wavelength Acceleration Bidirectional Asynchronous Controller), how far back would you trace your own birth? Presumably your post birth experiences of care and despair will affect your first draft. Ponder again. Can you take a step further back or allow for some light flickering into a presence that eventually comes to live in you?

This will probably take a leap of trust that the glory of creation is still alive in you, fully alive as your physical DNA (which is more malleable than its authoritative letter would suggest).

Again, if you were to report the remarkably unlikely event of your birth, how else would you track it other than the next iteration of the light of life. Well, if you would like to avoid the opportunities and new decisions that perspective will ask of you to break beyond our current culture and memes and habits, you might just track your family tree. But to tell your story most fully, you will probably find yourself pondering “light” as a metaphor of “life”. What’s your Word, your Story?

Note: The gift and power of being a Child of Light is given to all, we receive it differently. This is considerably different than “to all who received and believed”. When presumed for all and not a select few, we can look at how we have received this news to this point in our our life and decide whether or not we need to receive it differently and set off on this path which is deeper than a New Year’s resolution. This is an opportunity to see ourselves and others in a brighter light.

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