Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Isaiah 9:2-7

Year B - Christmas Eve or Blessed Body Eve
December 24, 2014

Well, here we are, still falling short of our best as we accommodate to the self-imposed limits of what we are told by the powers-that-be is possible to do in the current circumstance. All those promises of G*D to establish and uphold endless peace through the justice and righteousness of David’s throne have come to naught and here we are.

We are back to living in a land of deep darkness that can’t be blamed on Fox News or any other purveyor of misinformation. However it has come, it is dark—Advent dark.

We have been preparing for a journey toward the light. It is still but a glimmer. Who could reasonably expect a change coming through a brave girl, a compassionate man, and an itsy-bitsy baby. It would be like expecting change to come through the likes of you, or me. It’s just not going happen—right!?

Question, why do think there is such a liturgical and cultural difference between Christmas Eve and Easter Eve? Can you keep the dark going tonight without schmaltzing it up with candlelight so tomorrow we can join the shepherds in singing a new song? [Probably not as the cultural artifacts are so strong, but you may be able to start humming a new tune after the glow has faded a bit—the shepherds may have also needed some time to ponder along with Mary.]

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