Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Psalm 148

Year B - Christmas 1 or Blessed Body 1
December 28, 2014

This Psalm is like a conductor cueing various elements of the choir to come in, to add their part. It is a lovely image. At least until we get to the last line.

At the end there is the the word “horn” that biblically refers to the strength of power. When power enters there a set up for us to move back through all the praise just given because we are back to division.

We might want to translate “horn” into a literal horn with many mouthpieces attached to it that gives forth an internal harmony as we each take a breath and let loose our part of the breath of life.

Even then there are difficulties as we listen to the result and begin to claim that so-and-so is out of tune or off pitch or too syncopated. Again we are back to our usual divisions.

Somehow or other we need to get over our own holiness and begin to see in each person we encounter (even baby Judas) “a light for revelation” and to speak each other into better being.

There is an undocumented story about a village reminding a wrong-doer of who they are and they get it and are changed. This doesn’t take into account a community larger than can be known one-by-one or chemical/brain variations including the pathologic. None-the-less, it is an important starting place to presume folks are doing the best they can with what they have. When that proves to be incorrect, swords pierce innocent hearts. Now, what is Christmas about again? What was that about angels and shepherds and an ordinary manger stall?

As you look around your community where will you "raise a hopeful cry".

Some Christmas Hymn, huh?

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