Monday, December 22, 2014

Luke 2:1-14, (15-20)

Year B - Christmas Eve or Blessed Body Eve
December 24, 2014

We can say whatever we like about days gone by. Who’s going to disprove us. “History is recorded by the victors/winners/conquerors/survivors.” (attributed to Winston Churchill, but of unknown origin and questionable regarding history written by the oppressed and losers such as the US regarding Viet Nam).

The whole “decree” thing is Luke’s story. While he is sticking to it, we don’t have to.

But it is a marvelous story that has held the imagination of many through the generations. This story could have been told many different ways (and was by Matthew). What is at stake this eve-ning is what we are pondering in our hearts.

What is the latest small and everyday but remarkable moment you have had. There are stories going around about people paying it forward at McDonald’s and various lay-away outlets so when a customer comes they find the bill already paid. If you were to be on the receiving end of such an action and try to record its significance, would you begin to think of our political or economic system and the trials it puts on people of having much or little?

Would you bring the least into this story of unexpected gift? Are those in need watching what you will bring forth from your gift? Is it for you alone or does it put an obligation upon you? How would you record your pondering your own life experience?

Perhaps you would end with the least receiving as much as you and they go on their way with a song in their heart for hope revived?

Your pondering is significant, share it.

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