Thursday, July 09, 2015

Ephesians 1:3-14

Year B - Pentecost +7 or Energy to Witness 7
July 12, 2015

After wading through all the perks of being claimed by G*D (regardless of the mechanism/religious tradition) there comes a kicker at the end. Remember that in the Greek that this is one long sentence with all manner of subordinate clauses.

In the end we are pledged to a future that is larger than the present. The down payment the spirit has made in our lives is to bring the delivery of a wider appreciation of those beyond us also destined to be our sisters and brothers that we have yet to acknowledge and affirm as “redeemed” as ourselves.

This must be read as poetry, not prose. It is not literally an unbridled confirmation that we are specially elected beyond anyone else. Providential energy that incorporates us does not stop with us but is oriented toward finally bringing all things created together. We are still pushing onward toward common-wealth through mutual mercy some now call Christ and some know through other designations.

The New Interpreter’s Bible helpfully concludes, “Ephesians sees redemption as the purpose that God has embedded in creation as a whole. Though Ephesians recognizes the human need for redemption from sin, its imagery suggests that God would have brought all things together in Christ even if Adam had not sinned.”

Blessings to you as you move beyond awe and praise into living well, basic discipleship.

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