Thursday, July 09, 2015

Psalm 24

Year B - Pentecost +7 or Energy to Witness 7
July 12, 2015

It is good to see the Lectionary Committee has a sense of humor. John loses his head. It is not recorded how G*D murdered Uzzah so we can posit a beheading worthy of the denouement (literal untying of Indiana and Marion) of Raiders of the Lost Ark. And now we hear, “Lift up your heads!”

Clean hands and pure hearts are wonderful theories that don’t take into account the stages and states and experiences of living people. Yes, surely they will receive a blessing. Just as surely will the gate be open to all to receive their blessing in soiled hands and abused hearts.

A “King of Glory” without mercy is hardly a king to be glorified. This Psalm begins well with creation and then narrows all of creation down to our particulars. It is as if our particulars are now to define creation rather that creation continuing to set our context. Blessings on your hands and heart, no matter what they have been through.

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