Friday, July 03, 2015

Psalm 48

Year B - Pentecost +6 or Energy to Witness 6
July 5, 2015

Let’s play with three words/phrases.

Verse   3 — defense, refuge, (power)
Verse   9 — mercy, steadfast love (power)
Verse 14 — completed, forever and ever (power)

Living from these positions gives the kind of non-violent presence/force/power (satyagraha) needed to deal with realities of resistance. This is particularly important in places where we are too well known or known well enough to be dismissed.

It is time to check your memory of Pentecost and to do a quick check regarding your sense of these six words/phrases. If you have sufficient, rejoice. If you are still in the closet, wind and fire can still find you. Either way, awareness of your sense of defense, mercy, completion, refuge steadfast love, and forever will lead you a next step today or enhance your anticipation to be ready to act tomorrow. Either way, be a satyagraha to be reckoned with.

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