Monday, July 06, 2015

Mark 6:14-29

Year B - Pentecost +7 or Energy to Witness 7
July 12, 2015

This may be the genesis of tales of Sleepy Hollow and a headless horseman? I believe this is an example of gallows humor. When there is nothing else to say—for the situation is sickeningly gruesome—laugh. Or, alternatively, whistle in the dark.

Additionally, we might image Herod as Lady McBeth and her motif, “Out, out, damned spot.” Everywhere Herod looks, there is John haunting his memory that he was more willing to grieve the death of a “righteous and holy man” die than to let a chink appear in his power. It would be helpful to read about “weeping executioners”  who who express concern for the oppressed, but will not leave their place in the hierarchy of oppression.

Such a sad tale on nearly every level. Sadder still is that we are still playing the same power games to get elected and stay there that Herod did. Position yourself to always be right, if not righteous (particularly if not trustworthy).

Remember how Herod can see a headless John around every corner. Remember how difficult it is for the disciples, male and female, to recognize Jesus even with a headful of Warner Sallman locks.

There is more than enough to be guilty about. May your guilt adjust your behavior and not just lead to a generalized sense of guilt.

There is plenty of room in which to become more aware of a pervasive goodness to creation. May what you know about mystery open you to progressively more wonderful possibilities.

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