Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Psalm 51:1-12

Year B - Pentecost +10 or Energy to Witness 10
August 2, 2015

It continues to amaze how we model ourselves as wrong from the start. If we were not begun in joy how can we be restored to it?

There is great heaviness here.

Without dismissing the reality of straying from blessedness, it does not require that we demean G*D’s creative impetus and conclusion of, “My, how wonderful.” There is no requirement that we jump to the extreme of original sinfulness continually in need of one atoning redemption or several others.

There is no face-hiding necessary, just facing the reality of an evolving universe requiring constant adjustment and finding some adjustments are more helpful than others which are hurtful.

For a moment begin with an affirmation where this section of a psalm pauses with a hopeful anticipation.
my heart is fresh
my spirit is as G*D’s
ever new and knowing
never will I be cast away
a joy moving to wholeness
bubbles up again and again
so I re-engage a spirit energy
to rebind all that once sundered
Of course we could try to fool ourselves and mouth these words as a magical token, but they will turn sour if we do and the common good that ultimately sustains us will suffer.

The risks of this affirmation are far less damaging than going the eternal sinner route and getting caught between redemptions.

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