Monday, July 13, 2015

Mark 6:30-34, 53-56

Year B - Pentecost +8 or Energy to Witness 8
July 19, 2015

The way people recognize Jesus, you might almost imagine that there was a Wanted poster for him posted at the local meeting place in every city gate. Then and now, here and there, it is difficult to imagine what a generic Messiah looks like. Probably more like a “terrorist” than a member of the inner circle of power. In our here and now we would be playing the profiling card of Muslim, even though such a stereotype is far less than helpful.

Whatever the mechanism, Jesus was recognized. As Jim Post has sung referring to post-recognition hagiography or iconography and a halo, “No one else wears a hat like that.”

Without even getting a prayer break found in the elided section, Jesus recognized a need for R&R only to find there is no respite if your celebrity status is high enough. Desiring a deserted place—he was recognized and compassion kicked back in. After working hard to get away (unsuccessfully) and working hard to get back Jesus is again recognized. No rest for the compassionate (another reason it is not a top five Family Feud response to a next incident).

So, how is it with you and your compassion fatigue? What have you unsuccessfully tried? Is there anything besides prayer that works for you (remember that missing section where a little prayer break gave Jesus wonder water-walking power?). If there is something other than prayer, is is just because you haven’t seen prayer in a large enough context?

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