Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fifth Sunday after Epiphany – C2

Years C
Psalm 138

There is here a formula for increasing our strength of soul. It could be a best seller because the times are right for a wonderful self-help resource. Who doesn't want their soul strengthened? There is a huge market available.

Unfortunately it turns out that the cost of imaging G*D is high. It comes with an increased regard for the lowly and a willingness to engage in deliverance of the troubled. To do this an increased consciousness of the haughty and wrathful needs to be cultivated so they can't hide behind fancy language, accumulated resources, and easily applied power.

Soul strengthening implies a steadfastness of not only purpose, but application. To take one's eye off the prize of regard for and engagement with every level of the poor leaves one open to cooption by the haughty and wrathful. If we are not diligent in our awareness and implementation we become part of the problem and our soul shrinks.

What seemed like a wonderful offering - soul strengthening - turns out to be as difficult as anything. This is a task that cries out for not just a personal resolve, but communal support. It takes a village to strengthen a soul.

= = = = = = =

let us now be thankful
for humble people
who are willing to be
soul strengthened

they will find their
time eaten
resources robbed
hopes erased
faith compromised
troubled aplenty

these are not techniques
to bring a soul kiss
from a higher power
but a temptation of the lord

they have found
needy beyond imagination
poor unto the generations
abused just because
war-torn millions
abandoned children

for all of this and more
they cannot sleep
until souls are joined
and grow once more

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