Monday, January 08, 2007

Second Sunday after Epiphany - C1

Years C
Isaiah 62:1-5

We dare not be silent for the sake of a place of Peace. There is so much unrest and wrong that silence is not just turning a blind eye, but actively sticking a stick in whatever sight is left. Silence is a catalyst that amplified the wrong. Silence is an exponent of unrest, raising it more quickly than it might otherwise rise.

A new name is needed in the difficulties of the day - a name that names what might yet be rejoiced over. This name holds a future of active peace and justice, not just a holding tank keeping unrest and wrong at a minimum.

Again and again we are called to call out Delightful and Heart-of-My-Heart. For our sake, as well as Zion's, we see what can be built on, not just what must be restrained, and we can call that out.

As you look at your community, your relationships, what will you so name?

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any last words?



pardon, were those first words or last?

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