Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Jesus' Baptism - C2

Years C
Psalm 29

The voice, spirit, presence of G*D is over water. A slight sound, a breeze is magnified. G*D is positioned to be reflected.

It might be asked, what are we if not water enhanced? Some bone, some minerals, some nano electrolytes, but mostly water and here we are speak and act G*D in our time and place - reflective glory created with a glory of our own.

Over rivulet and flood, G*D hovers. Over time and space, we hover. Nested beings - Christmas has brought an angel hovering over witnesses hovering over a babe hovering over nations hovering over angels. Epiphany has brought us a star hovering over a manger hovering over creation hovering over stars.

In each part and whole is blessedness found. No one remains lost in chilly exile. Baptism of Jesus, yes. Baptism of all, yes.

= = = = = = =

virtual water
sprinkled water
poured water
engulfing water

where is the presence of G*D missing
if we go to the ends of the earth
there is water
if we ascend to the heights
there is water
if we descend to sheol
there is water

my baptism is your baptism
your baptism is my baptism
our baptism is creation's baptism
in our beginning is our end
and through it all - baptism

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