Monday, January 01, 2007

Jesus' Baptism - C1

Years C
Isaiah 43:1-7

Formed incarnate, redemption already secure, we pass through waters dark and deep, water standing against water.

Called from chaotic exile, already created for glory, we rise through waters light and lively, water living within water.

Isaiah envisions glorious redemption as an integral part of our incarnation, our formation. He remembers an exodus initially protected by parted water and all the desert and parting of more water to come. He anticipates those who had been buried far away to come surfing back.

Reading Isaiah emboldens us as we pass through our next water of redemption to find a glory not fully dreamed. Can you imagine living already redeemed, already glorious?

= = = = = = =

that which you create
is imbued with a goodness
never lost

we learn this creation gift
reflecting on our own
ever found

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