Thursday, January 11, 2007

Second Sunday after Epiphany - C3

Years C
1 Corinthians 12:1-11

While we were yet "pagan" we did not experience ourselves as led astray. It wasn't until there was a moment of revelation that our accepted reality didn't match up with our experienced reality - a moment we later called holy - that we began to make important distinctions regarding decision-making moments and decision-making methodologies.

Recognizing that just because we all believed something didn't make it right opens us to questions about what is now needed that is different than has been needed. We can still affirm that what moved us forward was a particular decision (gift) but that keeping on with that same gift in a different setting is now holding us back.

In the midst of a listing of various decision-making modalities (gifts) there is a key element that takes us beyond simply discussing, debating, warring about the numbered hierarchy of gifts that ranks those who hold them. This key is that of "a common good". In this sense all gifts are good gifts if they are able to play their part. When there is no dialogue between them, the gifts fall apart into sectarian prejudices.

Gifts are activated by a common good (a holy spirit moment) that senses a turning tide and shifts gears to a next gift, already present, even as we momentarily shift away from a previous gift. This activation process calls for a gift of ambiguity appreciation larger than any particular decision-making gift. It calls for a gift of humility to let go and humility to step forward.

= = = = = = =

common spirit
holy good
mix and match
holy common
spirit good

here a gift
there a gift
a gift gift

gift of moment
gift of choice
gift of application
gift of letting go
gift of holding on
gift for every season under heaven

gifts activated
gifts received
gifts that are no gift

common spirit gift - kite sky blue
spirit gift common - kite sky bluer
gift common spirit - kite sky bluest

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