Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Second Sunday after Epiphany - C2

Years C
Psalm 36:5-10

G*D's steadfast love is showered all over the place. It doesn't make any difference where or who one is or whether we are talking a human being or a mountain - that love is a given background.

Why then the plea that it continue. Is it not rock solid? Why in particular would those who know G*D need continual assurance? Are we the most tempted to ignore it? Are we the most likely to subvert it into power for ourselves? Are we aware of how much we are in debt to it and can't ever quite hold our heads up on our own?

For folks who claim to know something so extraordinary as a source of steadfast love, we seem to keep losing our way within it. We imagine it to be limited and we need to scramble for our share. We suspect that the future may be different than the past and that we will find ourselves not being uniquely privileged by our knowledge. We fear that it is too good to be true and since we obviously need it, it may, as obviously, be turned to greater and greater expectations that we cannot live up to and we will lose love.

Why might you plead for more steadfast love for folks who are exactly as we are? Might it an attempt to lull G*D into setting us as the standard, thus protecting our rights forever? Obviously we are upright of heart, was there ever a doubt, and if that is the criterion, we get the love we need. Too bad about those others that didn't do as we do.

= = = = = = =

extend to heaven
an upright heart
an upright heart
becomes heaven

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