Friday, January 26, 2007

Fourth Sunday after Epiphany - C4

Years C
Luke 4:21-30

Everything was moving along swimmingly. Jesus claims an important past vision has come true. That which folks had been waiting for, need not be awaited any longer. Everyone spoke well of him. His state of the nation speech was a hit. It didn't require any change on anyone's part - it was already decided.

This guy really is one of us, no matter about some outstanding little details (after all he wasn't born here and there was that refugee time in his life and there have been a few grumblings about him). Pleased that they would be known as the deciding place, he was indeed Joseph's son, our son.

Then, instead of leaving well enough alone, Jesus had to go and push. He said, "Perhaps you are wondering why you got inspiring words from me, but there hasn't been any corroborating evidence of healing here? Well, you should wonder why this is all talk, the same old stuff, and no action. When your wondering leads you to understanding the implications for you and all, I'll move pretty quickly from being a favorite son to a meddling prophet. Crowds can rapidly move from Hosanna to Hang Him. Remember Elijah! Remember Elisha!"

Well, they caught on. They remembered and anticipated not being able to have pride of place. Not having a hanging tree at hand, they prepared to hurl him.

What are you remembering and anticipating this day?

= = = = = = =

today scripture is fulfilled
when else, pray tell
could it have been
and still been scripture

scripture lifted from the page
writing turned again to speaking
speaking engaged with hearing
heart heard to life lived

bone by bone
dried and alive
danced and threatening
we meet and go on

again and again
our image of home
fails to be home
drive on

filled full leaves no room
Bethlehem or Nazareth
America or Iraq
scripture passes by

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