Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Easter Sunday – C1

Easter Sunday – C1

Years C
Acts 10:34-43 or Isaiah 65:17-25

On some mountains vineyards are planted. On some feasts are thrown. Here no hurt is done, even with wolves and lambs together.

Given the way people injure creation, it is a miracle that anything still grows. Gaia is not pleased. Given the way people injure one another, it is a miracle that any feasts are possible. Feuds persist. Given the way people hold on to the past, it is a miracle that new relationship can bridge old enmities.

Sometimes a wolf and sometimes a lamb, all too often an individualist and despoiler of earth, there is a time for confession that in each manifestation I face a stuckness I am not able to get past. My wolf is ravenous. My lamb, a perpetual victim. My self is far more central to life than yours. My gluttonous rape of resources, an unreconstructed pity.

The need for Isaiah's imagery is as real as it is seemingly so far off. No amount of betrayal will interrupt the promise. No amount of expectation will prepare us for a breakthrough of vision into reality - it still comes as a surprise, a vision resurrected is transformative.

= = = = = = =

I'm about to create
yep, just about to create
any moment now, I'll create

create a new heaven
come to create a new earth
and it is almost here

create a new earth
pushing on to a new heaven
standby is about to fly

former things won't get in the way
nor will ideals set loose
its all about to come to pass

hold your breath or don't
be on plain or mountain
when it comes it'll come

yes it will be glorious
rejoicing will abound
I am about to create

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